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Miravalles Volcano Tour

The Miravalles Volcano is unique in several ways, an active sulfur volcano with an active crater on the side of the volcano not at the top; the area surrounding the volcano is home to a large geothermal electrical plant that produces 20% of Costa Rica’s electricity. You can actually hike through the crater past bubbling mud pits, steaming sulfur vents and flowing hot springs. Midway through the hike you stop and actually hear the “heartbeat” of the volcano. After the crater hike you change into your bathing suit, sit in a sauna built over a natural hot spring, from there you sit by a natural hot spring pool and cover yourself with the cooled therapeutic volcanic mud. They say your skin will feel 10 years younger. Once the mud dries, shower off and relax in a hot spring pool. They also have a jungle waterslide, trips to rainforest waterfalls and nice restaurant This can be combined with the jungle waterfall or the wild cat rescue center tour.