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We are proud that Rancho Armadillo Estate is one of - if not - the best - small hotel in Costa Rica, but we also like for our guests to see as much as Costa Rica as they can. Unfortunately there is not another hotel like Rancho Armadillo in Costa Rica. With that in mind we have been very selective in the recommendations that we make to our guests regarding their stay in other hotels. We are confident that the hotels belonging to the group listed below meets our standard of high quality.

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Rancho Armadillo Estate is also a member of Adventure Hotels of Costa Rica a group of small and medium sized hotels located throughout Costa Rica. Although we have not been to all of the hotels in the association we are confident that all meet the standards that were required by the founders of this group. As you plan your vacation to Costa Rica please check out the web sites of the following hotels and consider staying with them. All of the hotels are required to offer an additional 10% discount if you mention that you were referred to them by a member of Adventure Hotels of Costa Rica.