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Pre-Columbian Costa Rica


Pre-Columbian Costa Rica was a land bridge and trading post for the Inca and Mayan empires and consequentially we do not have the ruins or the pyramids of Peru, Guatemala or Mexico, but we do have some interesting pre-Columbian attractions and sites within an hours drive of Rancho Armadillo.  To the south there is Guatil, an indigenous Indian village where they make pottery the way their ancestors did over 900 years ago. Each home has their own wood fired kiln and you can buy pottery from the artist or from a co-op in the town. After Guatil you can stop for lunch at a local tortilla “factory” where they grind the corn with a mortar and pestle and grill the fluffy tortillas atop a wood fired stone slab. They also have a small restaurant where you can have a cassado, a typical Costa Rican meal. Literally translated it means married man, and it is what he expects on the table when he comes home, rice, beans, fried plantains, tortillas and your choice of beef, pork, chicken or fish. This is a very local place and chances are you will be the only non Costa Ricans there.